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Are Ball Pythons Arboreal? The Reasons Why Pythons Climb

So are ball pythons arboreal, and what does this mean. Generally ball pythons tend to stick to ground level. They seek comfort submerging themselves under leafs, rocks and fallen trees. However, they are known to be semi-arboreal. This means that on occasion, they have been known to climb. The main reason for this is when hunting. Birds nests become an intriguing prospect for a ball python, and they will be curious to find out what food the nest has to offer.

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Ball pythons have been know to be arboreal and climb trees, even walls in order to find a meal. As long as an object can hold the pythons weight, and the snake can wrap itself around the apparatus, then it should be more than capable to climb.

This is however only in some extreme case though, as they usually spend their time slithering from burrow to burrow, looking for a hiding or sleeping rodent. This is much easilier and much less effort for a ball python than it is climbing up trees.

Replicating this inside your vivarium…

If you would like to replicate this inside your vivarium then there is a product called Exo Terra, which is a completely safe, manoeuvrable, climbing apparatus for reptiles. It’s recommended by all reptile enthusiasts.

There are many benefits which come from replicating a ball pythons natural habitat. Ball pythons will become more active and friendly towards yourself and other when its wellbeing is exercised correctly.

Keeping your ball python entertained is crucial to its wellbeing. A change of habitat from time to time will engage its curiosity to explore and discover. Snake lovers will usually change their vivariums interior every so often to replicate their snake being somewhere new.

If you’d like to do this, it’s recommended to do it whilst your snake is sleeping. When it wakes up, it will have a completely new surrounding to explore. This will also cause less stress to your snake, compared to doing this whilst they are awake.

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