Can Corn Snakes Live Without Heat? – Comfort & Digestive System

Can corn snakes live without heat?

So, can corn snakes live without heat. The answer is yes, however this is not advised. Corn snakes are very tough animals. They can survive very extreme conditions if they need too. If have a corn snake as a pet and you don’t have any form of heating for the enclosure, your corn snake will most likely be fine. The warmth from just being inside would be more than enough for a corn snake to survive.

However, corn snakes do become much less active when they have no means to warm their body temperature. Unlike humans, corn snakes can not regulate their body temperatures, meaning they have to find a way to heat up their bodies. In the wild, corn snakes do this by basking in the sun. Concrete or tarmac usually warms up quickly in the sun. This is why you can usually see them basking on paths, and roads.

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There are many problems that can occur for your corn snake if they don’t have any means of heat. Below is a list of these problematic factors;

Problems with Shedding

Corn snakes need heat to help the process of shedding their skin. In captivity, heat is the only means to help dry their skin. In the wild corn snakes would bask in the sun to dry their skin throughout the shedding process. Obviously, being in an enclosure in captivity, they can not do this. So having a heating system would act as a great replacement.

Become Inactive

Throughout the colder months of the year, a corn snake will naturally become less active. Similar to hibernation, the process snakes go through is called brumation. Slowing down in the colder months, compared to sleeping through the colder months. 

Having no heating in your snakes enclosure may mean they enter this stage for longer periods of time, and become much less active then they should be. Meaning you won’t get to enjoy an active snake that often. Heat mats and Heat lights are essential for a corn snakes well being.

Digestive Problems

Corn snakes digestive system relies on heat for it to work effectively. So you may find that your corn snake will feed less often than it should, because its digestive system is slowing. This means it takes longer for a meal to digest prey. Ultimately stunting its growth and general healthiness.

Reproductive Issues

Corn snakes need a certain amount of heat throughout the breeding and mating process. Without the correct temperatures, corn snakes won’t produce the correct hormones it needs in order to mate. For females, this can cause a huge reduction in clutch size.

What should you do…

For an enclosure that closely replicates a corn snakes natural environment, it will need a heating system on a timer. This will help you to replicate natural heating as a corn snake would experience in the wild. Gradually getting warmer throughout the morning, until noon, then slowly cooling down into the evening.

This is also great for a corn snake which you plan to breed. Please find out more here.

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Can Corn Snakes Live Without Heat? – Comfort & Digestive System

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