Can You Overfeed A Corn Snake? – Complications & Dietary Requirements

Can you overfeed a Corn Snake? Well yes of course it is possible, although your corn snake would probably just ignore any extra food you gave it once it had a full belly. So you would be wise to figure out how much you should feed your Corn Snake, over the next few paragraphs we will attempt to give you the knowledge needed to feed your Corn Snake the right amount.

New owners tend to over feed their Corn Snake because they want to make sure that their Corn Snake gets plenty of food, however new owners find it hard to recognise that Corn Snakes do not need to eat a lot.

Often times new owners feed their Corn snake as often as they can. This can be detrimental to the Corn Snakes health and cause some fairly serious health issues of a longer period of time. As well as dramatically reducing the life span of your beloved Corn Snake if done for too long.

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Two major dangers for a corn snake…

Can you overfeed a corn snake and what dangers does it carry?

Firstly you should not feed your beloved Corn Snake more than once in any 24 hour period. This is very dangerous for your pet Corn Snake as your snake needs a whole 24 hours to fully digest it’s food. To ensure that you are properly caring for your corn snake you should never feed it more than one prey animal within a 24 hour period. If you do your poor corn snake could choke and then throw up, and we don’t want that for you corn snake.

Secondly is feeding you pet Corn Snake to many times over any given week. If you follow the 24 hour rule and gave your snake a new mouse every day then your snake would most likely eat, every day a whole mouse. Remember that in the wild, food can sometimes be scarce and you pet Corn Snake is not supposed to eat that much. You won’t notice it at first but you snake will be gaining weight and will be getting fatter as a result of the over feeding. This will cause your snake to vomit up the excess foods. This is part of nature and happens when snakes overeat in the wild, but if done chronically, it can mess up your pet’s health.

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Can You Overfeed A Corn Snake? – Complications & Dietary Requirements

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