Corn Snake Morphs – Colours, Characteristics & Health

Corn Snake Morphs

One of the most interesting aspects of becoming a corn snake owner is the huge range of colour and patterns available through morphs. Morphs are a result from carefully selected breeding from two different coloured/patterned corn snakes. There are many different morphs of corn snake, which make them appealing to many snake owners. A corn snake owner has a huge range of colours and patterns to suit their exact preference.

Morphs are a result of non life threatening genetic changes, which cause alterations in their skin colour and pattern. Morphs are created by breeding two different coloured/patterned corn snakes. These are also known as Designer morphs.

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Colour of Morphs

Albino/Amel Corn snake

An albino corn snake is due to the lack of black pigment called melanin. This skin condition only affects Black or similar coloured corn snakes which are made by the same biochemical paths. Due to the lack of this pigment, albino snakes will show only red and yellow colours, with typically bright red eyes. Their red coloured markings are usually striking, as there is no black overlapping each colour. These red marking will have a white lined border around them, where it would usually be brown colours.

Anerythristic Corn snake

This is basically the opposite of the albino corn snake. The angry corn snake lack the red pigment, so primarily the snake is dark coloured. This morph as made up from colours of dark greys and blacks. There are 2 types of Anerythristics snake, type A and type B.

Type A, which is also known as the Black Albino corn snake, produces grey and black colours with hints of yellow.

Type B, also know as the Charcoal corn snake, is almost identical to type A. However it lacks the yellow pigment also.

Hypomelanistic Corn snakes

Also knows as Hypo’s, Hypomelanistic corn snakes have a reduction in black pigment. (So not fully lacking). There have been 5 different types of corn snake identified as this.

Hypo Type A – These snakes have stronger, brighter looking oranges and yellows, with reduced black markings throughout the skin.

Hypo Type B (Sunkissed) – These snakes also have reduced black pigment (not just markings). Which makes this corn snake the brightest looking morph.

Hypo Type C (Lava) – This corn snake has more Black pigment present. This make the snake look a few shades darker than the first two types of morph.

Hypo Type D (Ultra) – This is a simple recessive that is codominant with Amel.

Strawberry (Hypo Type E, theoretically) – This is considered a new gene isolation. It is a recessive gene that is codominant with Hypo Type A.

Carmel Corn Snakes

Caramel corn snakes are due to their minimal red pigment. This produces a snake which colours is predominantly light brown and yellows.

Cinder Corn Snakes

These are also known as Ashy. This colouration is almost grey washed. They have washed out red and yellows, producing a snake with dark burgundy patterns, on a grey coloured body. 

Dilute Corn Snakes

This causes the progressive loss of colour as the corn snake ages. This will look as if the corn snake is always about to shed its skin. 

Kastanie Corn Snake

This is named after the German word for chestnut. Hatchlings are usually colourful, but this gradually fades after time as they snake ages. Causing darker browns and yellows.

Lavender Corn snake

Lavender corn snakes get their name from their ranging skin. Instead of becoming darker as they get older, these morphs actually get lighter as they age. Their colours change to pale greys and light pinks as they mature, causing lavender colours patterns. Their eyes are commonly bright led, similar to the albino’s.

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Corn Snake Morphs – Colours, Characteristics & Health

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