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Do Ball Pythons Eat Whilst Shedding? – What You Should Offer & What You Shouldn’t

Do Ball Pythons Eat While Shedding?

Unfortunately, do ball pythons eat while shedding can not be answered with a simple yes or no, as this will vary for each ball python. Many ball pythons will not eat at all throughout the whole shedding process. From the first stage of pre-shedding, until the skin is completely off. A ball pythons appetite may be lost throughout the shedding process, but this is nothing for you to worry about. This is completely natural for your snake.

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Some ball pythons may actually still eat meals throughout the shedding process. However, this is not highly recommended. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t feed your snake through this shedding process;

Poor Vision

During the blue phase, your ball python can not see very well. Even less than usual. Introducing foods into the vivarium can be very stressful for your snake. The new smells will start to trigger your snakes senses. With its eyesight impaired, your ball python may mistake the smell of prey as a predatory threat. Even worse, your bull python may mistake your hand for prey when you are trying to feed it. 


On some occasions, when ball pythons are fed during the shedding process, they may actually regurgitate their food. This is because the shedding process requires a lot of movement. Usually after a ball python has fed it will minimise its movements to aid the digestion process. The movement needed to shed a ball pythons skin will actually unsettle the snakes stomach, causing the regurgitation.

Ball pythons can actually go months without food before they start to show any signs of weight loss. The shedding process usually takes less than 14 days, so not feeding your ball python in this time is no threat to its health at all.

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