Do ball pythons like to climb you ask…

Generally ball python will tend to stick to ground level. They seek comfort submerging themselves under leafs, rocks and fallen trees. However, they are known to be semi-arboreal. This means that on occasion, they have been known to climb. The main reason for this is when hunting. Birds nests are usually very good for an easy meal, as they hunt for birds and sometimes even bird eggs. 

Ball pythons have been know to climb trees, and even walls in order to find a meal. As long as the climbing apparatus can hold the pythons weight, and the snake can wrap itself around something, then it should be more than capable to climb.

Hunting is most likely the only reason a ball python would be climbing trees. Unlike the corn snake, ball pythons won’t climb trees to find a place to bask. With a ball pythons natural habitat being mainly forestry, it will often find safe place to bask in the sun on ground level. Roads, paths or open spaces are usually a ball pythons favourite place to bask.

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Should I replicate this is a vivarium?

Ball pythons are partially arboreal. So yes. It’s always best to replicate a sales enclosure as close to its natural habitat as possible. You can provide real or artificial plants and climbing branches inside the enclosure. This will actually provide stimulations, comfort and hiding places for your corn snake. Exo Terra climbing branches are a favourite for all reptile lovers.

Artificial plants, vines, branches, rocks and other foliage can be places anywhere with in the enclosure. Try to provide them with more than just one plant or vine though. Ball pythons need to feel safe in its surrounds at all times, so the more cover you can provide the better. This will give your snake a range of places to hide and relax.

Providing a climbing branch for your ball python is a great idea. You can either buy one from a reptile store, or you can make one. If you’re planning to make a climbing branch, ensure that it is smooth, with no sharp edges as this will only irritate your snake. Buying from a retile store would be best as they will always be safe and sterile. So you can put these straight into your snakes enclosure without having to worry.

They can be placed wherever you like in the enclosure, it really doesn’t matter. Just not too close to the heat lamp if you have one. And make sure your snake can actually climb on it. It will be no good having it pressed up against the wall of the vivarium. Ball python need to be able to wrap themselves around a branch, so always have in mind the size of your snake and what size the branch will need to be to hold its weight. 

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