Do Bearded Dragons Like Water? – Swimming, Bathing & Shedding Advantages

Being a reptile that comes from such a dry habitat, it’s no wonder people are unsure on the question “Do bearded dragons like water”. All I have to say to you is, if you were out in the dessert all day, would you like a swim afterwards?

My guess is that you would. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I’m sticking too. 

In the wild bearded dragon spend a lot of their time in the strenuous heat of the day. They spend their mornings basking in the sun, on their favourite rock. Once they have lapped up enough sun for on morning, they will begin their hunt for food. Sometimes this can take all day, and sometimes they get lucky in a few hours. But none the less, no matter how long they are hunting for, they will be a little dehydrate afterwards.

Pet bearded dragon are no different, even though they may not exert the same amount of energy each day, they will still become hot from time to time as our seasons change from winter to summer. So they love nothing more than to bathe themselves in cool water.

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Water Provides Bearded Dragons With Shedding Advantages

One of the main reasons bearded dragons like water so much is for the advantages it gives them to shed their skin correctly and comfortably. Unlike snakes, bearded dragons shed their skin in pieces, not all at once. This means patches of skin are usually very dry for a few weeks or more. It is natural to see a bearded dragon bathe throughout the shedding process as the water loosens the skin. 

If you realise your bearded dragon isn’t bathing through the process, then you can mist your dragon instead. Misting is a method that should be done outside of the enclosure, as misting will raise the humidity level within the enclosure, which you don’t want to do.

Misting is the process of spraying your dragon with water, from a spray bottle. This soaks into their skin and gives the same advantages to the shedding process as bathing would.

Shallow Water Bath Tubs or Sinks

Bearded dragons bathe in the wild and this act should be replicated in captivity too. The easiest way you can replicate his in your house is either in a sink, or a bath tub. These should both be big enough for your bearded dragon to bathe and have a little splash.

So your bearded dragon doesn’t loose to much body heat, you’ll want the water to be roughly 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Bearded dragon aren’t known to be great swimmers, so only fill the water up to its knees. They shouldn’t be able to fully submerge themselves.

Hardened tap water can sometime be irritating for bearded dragons. This is due to the chlorine that is exposed to your pet. Dechlorinate the water before use using Reptisafe, or a similar water conditioner. Another option that can be used is to buy bottles of print water from a local store, however this will be more expensive over time.

On warm days, if you have a bucket or a manoeuvrable swimming container, then taking your bearded dragon outside so it can play in natural sunlight will stimulate their natural instincts.

Water Bowls

Inside the enclosure you should always have a bowl of water available for your bearded dragon, Which needs to be changed and least once a day, sometime two. The water bowl will be your pets main source of hydration. However it will also become a bath tub from time to time.

Bearded dragons love to bathe in water, and sometimes spend hours in the water. With time come waste products. You will commonly see that your dragon has defecated into its water bowl. As annoying as this may seem, it will likely happen all the time. 

Once this has happened, your dragon will most likely not drink from it again. So it’s crucial that you keep an eye on this throughout the day, and change the water regularly.

Getting Your Bearded Dragon To Drink From a Water Bowl

Commonly, pet bearded dragon will not immediately drink from the water bowl. This is because a water bowl is not natural to them in the wild. Domestic pets like cats and dogs have a natural instinct to drink from bowls when placed in front of them.

A little trick that works very well to get your bearded dragon to drink from its bowl, is to add a small amount of sweet fruit juice into the water. Try to avoid any sour or overly acidic juices such as Orange and Pineapple as this may have the opposite affect. I would suggest Papaya juice as this has work for me in the past. Some people also recommend strawberry s this is also very sweet.

From here you should hopefully see your bearded dragon drinking from its bowl within a couple of days. Then you will not have to worry about this situation again. Your pet dragon should willing drink from its bowl from here on.

If not then please speak to a reptile professional or your local veterinarian for more advise on this situation.

Other Activities For Your Bearded Dragon

Not only do bearded dragons like water, they also like a variety of other activities. Bearded dragons are constantly on the move in the wild and this is no different for your pet. Allowing them the opportunity to use all their explore locations outside of their enclosure will tap into their curiosity and keep their minds in a healthy state.


An amazing way to give your bearded dragon the exercise it needs whilst exploring its natural curiosity is to buy a specialist bearded dragon leash. These leashes are great and allow you to take your bearded dragon out for side for exercise. This is great for taking your dragon into the local parks or onto any local beaches on warm days.

Remember that bearded dragons do need a warm climate. So if you live in a cooler location, then limit yourself too maybe 20-30 mins a day outside. The leash is completely safe and will not cause any harm to your pet. Be careful though, as it won’t be long before you become local celebrities in your community. 

Human Interaction

Bearded dragons love human interaction. It’s their freedom to leave the enclosure on a daily basis. You’ll need to start this interaction as early as possible. The sooner your dragon realises you are no threat to its safety, the soon thy will feel comfortable around humans. 

As a baby, make sure you are handling them in a controlled environment. What I means by this, is that there is no where to escape. Baby bearded dragons love to jump, and they’re quick. They are full of energy, which is great, but can quickly disappear out of sight if the area in not secure.

A room with the door closed and no holes in the floorboards will be fine. Just make sure there are no wires on the floor, and any unstable object which may fall or squash your new pet. Once your dragon is comfortable with your presence, the jumping will stop. They will soon enjoy your interaction and will let you carry them around the house without wanting to jump.

Before putting your dragon back into its enclosure, be sure too look for stands of hair or material that may have got caught around its limbs. If left unnoticed, this can sometimes result in loss of limbs.

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Do Bearded Dragons Like Water? – Swimming, Bathing & Shedding Advantages

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