How Often Do Corn Snakes Poop? – The Natural Cycle

How often to corn snakes poop?

Corn snakes will often poop, or pass waste 3-5 days after a feed. Any other waste which is passed within these 3 days is usually left over from the previous meal. Corn snakes have an amazing digestive system, which leaves very little waste. They can actually make use of most their meal, with some aspects of the meal taking longer to digest than others. So this can mean that waste is passed at different times.

It would be more of a worry if your corn snake hadn’t passed any waste with in this time. This could mean that your corn snake is constipated, which will be causing it some real discomfort. In this instance, it’s always best to seek advise from a professional.

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Things to check…

Check the temperature of the enclosure. When a corn snake is too cold, its digestion system slows down. This is because the corn snake will start to enter the brumation stage, so it’s less likely to eat, and conserves a lot of its energy. Purchasing a good thermometer will insure reliable readings.

It’s also thought that handling your corn snake can actually help ease the constipation, and help with the movement of waste inside your corn snake. However, please keep an eye on their discomfort. If your corn snake looks in distress then please don’t pursue.

Also, if you have realised your corn snake has not shed their skin in a while, this may be causing some problems with digestion. Spraying your corn snake with some filtered water may loosen up their skin. This may aid in the passing of waste.

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How Often Do Corn Snakes Poop? – The Natural Cycle

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