How To Find A Lost Corn Snake? – Tips, Tricks & Tools

Right, you’ve looked into your vivarium and seen that your corn snake has done a Houdini. The corn snake is a class act in disappearance and will find a way out through the smallest of gaps. They have slim and slender bodies which means they can squeeze through gaps you thought weren’t even possible. You’re now probably thinking how to find a lost corn snake, so I will let you in on a few little secrets you can use to locate your corn snake. 

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Where could your corn snake be?

The first way on how to fond a lost corn snakes is to start your search in close proximity to the vivarium. Corn snakes are very curious, so being outside the vivarium will be new to them (Most likely). They will be curious in the new surroundings, so they will want to take time to make sure they’re not in any form of danger.

Corn snakes can end up almost anywhere. Given you have no idea how long it has been out the enclosure. Make sure to look thoroughly in every place you can think of. For example, in drawers, behind books, underneath magazines, pillows, inside shoes and even computers. Everywhere. Remember that corn snakes are semi-arboreal, so they can climb also, and pretty much get anywhere.


Take into consideration the snakes characteristics. By watching and caring for your corn snake, you should kind of understand its characteristic. How they act, what they seek, what they avoid. 

Also check the vivarium temperature. Is it too cold? Has your corn snake escaped to try find a warmer spot in the house. If so, then look behind radiators, TV monitors, Under floor boards, inside pillows and duvets, inside airing cupboards. Purchasing a good thermometer will give you reliable results.

Ask yourself when was the last time you fed your corn snake. Has it escaped to try find some food? If so, maybe look in darker location of the house. Under floor boards, inside cupboards, inside shoes. Anything that could resemble a rodents hide or hole.

Corn snakes are most active at dusk and dawn. So these are the best times to be looking for your corn snake. During the day time, your snake has most likely found somewhere to rest. Remember, you want to make your corn snake feel comfortable, so removing anything that can cause loud noises will help lure them out. Remove any other pets you may have that could frighten your snake into hiding.

Tricks on how to find a lost con snake…

Trick 1.

One trick that has many success stories, is to put your vivarium/enclosure in the middle of the room, on the floor, with the latch open. You can even put a treat inside for it, to try lure the snake out of hiding. Snakes feel comfort from their own enclosure, so won’t want to stay out for long. The familiar smells could be enough for a safe return home.

Make sure the enclosure heat source is turned up, and your house has the heating off. The enclosure should be the only heat source available for your snake at this point. Snake can detect heat from a far, so they will inevitably find the vivarium sooner or later.

Trick 2.

Another trick is to place aluminium foil, or crumble newspaper around the room. This should be placed between doorways, along shelves, along the bottom of wardrobes, in possible hiding places. 

The method here is to be able to hear your snakes movements at night. Hopefully if you have placed your materials in the correct locations, then you will have some luck hearing the rustlingly foil or newspaper as your snake passes by, or over it.

Trick 3.

If you don’t mind a bit of mess, and have time for a clean up in the morning, then flour can be useful. The idea here is to cover the floor in the room (and surrounding rooms) in flour. As your corn snake goes about its business, it will leave behind its tracks. This will give you a clear location and a direction of movement. Following these tracks could lead you directly to your escaped snake.

Trick 4.

Lastly, and probably the least effective, but still worth trying, is to set up a webcam. Setting a camera to record on motion will capture any movement made by the snake. This will give your the snakes direction or whereabouts. If you can set up and alarm notification as well, then great. Otherwise you will have to look through the footage and hope to follow its direction until you find it.

External Video Trick


Finding an escaped corn snake will require a lot of patience. Sometimes corn snakes have been known to disappear for months before being seen again. Don’t get too frustrated if these methods don’t work immediately. Keep trying to boost your chances of finding your snake. 

If your snake hasn’t been seen for a long period of time, they are most probably living under the floorboards, somewhere warm and have been surviving on mice for food. Set aside some time to pull up the floorboards, one room at a time to enhance your chances of finding them.

Here are a few ideas on where to look for your corn snake…

Inside, On top of, Underneath.
  • Anything Hollow. Bins, Tissue boxes, Pizza boxes, File folder, Plant pots, Shoes, Gloves, Jars, Bags.
  • Garbage disposal
  • Washing machines, Tumble dryers, Any connecting vents.
  • Bookcases, Under, Above and on.
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Beds and pillows
  • Radiators 
  • Toilet tanks
  • Inside Upholster furniture, sofas and chairs
  • Window sills
  • Newspapers, inside and underneath
  • Computers
  • Games consoles
  • Under floorboards
  • Open cereal boxes
  • Behind boiler unit
  • Airing cupboards
  • Soft towels
  • Other pets bedding
  • Clothing piles
  • Laundry basket
  • Jacket pockets


We hope this article has provided everything you need in relation to “How to find a lost corn snake”. These tips and tricks will give you the advantage in trying to lure you’re corn snake out of hiding.

More than likely they have found somewhere warm to curl up. Inside bedding, behind radiators, underneath floorboard, literally anywhere which would provide heat.

Finding a lost corn snake may not be instant, so give it time. Corn snakes can go a fairly long time with out food, but will always try to find a heat source after a nights sleep.

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How To Find A Lost Corn Snake?

How To Find A Lost Corn Snake? – Tips, Tricks & Tools

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