Are Ball Pythons Constrictors? – The Hunting Mechanisms

So, are ball pythons constrictors? The short answer is yes. Pythons are members of the constrictor family. Meaning they suffocate their prey, rather than injecting venom into their prey.

First of all, they bite their prey to get a firm grip. Once the prey is firmly in the ball pythons grip, it will quickly begin to wrap itself around the prey with their muscular body. The ball python will coil itself around the prey, tightening its muscles, squeezing its prey. This will cause the prey to suffocate and die. Now the hard bit is over, the python will unwrap itself from the prey. Eying up its size, the snake will begin their feast, eating their prey whole.

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Are ball pythons venomous?

Ball pythons are neither venomous nor poisonous. In fact, all species of python are non venomous. This means they do not poses any venom that is harmful to humans, or any other animal. Ball pythons kill their prey through constriction.

Venomous snakes on the other have fangs. Fangs are only found on venomous snakes. It’s their means to inject lethal venom into their prey, sudating it before they enjoy a nice meal. Ball pythons are constrictors by nature, so they grab hold of their prey and wrap themselves around it, suffocating their prey until ready to eat.

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Are Ball Pythons Constrictors? – The Hunting Mechanisms

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