Corn Snakes

When Do Corn Snakes Breed?

So you are wondering “When do corn snakes breed?”. Well the answer to this question-in short-is simple. They mostly breed in late spring/early summer, when they have reached optimal temperatures. Between eighteen and twenty four months is the best age to breed corn snakes. There are also many other factors to consider that make up […]

Baby Corn Snake Not Eating? – Everything You Need To Know

There are many reasons why your baby corn snakes not eating. In this article we will explain the ten most common reasons why your baby corn snake may not be eating and suggest ways to get your baby corn snake eating again. Before reading through these tips you should make sure that your baby corn […]

Breeding Corn Snakes Without Brumation

What is Brumation – A Quick Explanation Brumation is a reptiles version of hibernation. The brumation period will commence around the middle of November and will conclude at the end of February at the latest. When it occurs naturally in nature it prepares the reptile for the next season. Environmental conditions are what triggers brumation. […]

Do Corn Snakes Smell? – Can You Smell A Corn Snake In Your House

Do Corn Snakes Smell? well that depends on a few things that I will explain throughout this article. Do corn snakes smell and can you smell a corn snake in your house? Well, snakes are mostly odor-neutral, meaning that they do not have any smell themselves and do not give off any scent. Your snake […]

Can You Overfeed A Corn Snake? – Complications & Dietary Requirements

Can you overfeed a Corn Snake? Well yes of course it is possible, although your corn snake would probably just ignore any extra food you gave it once it had a full belly. So you would be wise to figure out how much you should feed your Corn Snake, over the next few paragraphs we […]

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