What Diseases Do Turtles Carry? How Deadly Can They Be

Turtles are some of the most ancient and fascinating reptiles to have as a pet. They make a wonderful addition to aquariums and provide a glimpse into the most ancient origins of the earth itself. But, like having any animal as a pet, we have to understand what it means to care for Turtles, and […]

Can Turtles See In The Dark? Everything you Need To Know

Turtles are an amazing creature. Some species of turtle are often spotted at night. This is most often true for sea turtles, who lay their eggs at night. If you are wondering whether turtles can see in the dark or not, you aren’t alone.  Turtles aren’t considered to have night vision, but that doesn’t stop […]

Where Do Leatherback Sea Turtles Live? Safe Havens & Feeding Grounds

Out of all the turtles liviing in the oceans of the earth, the Leatherback Sea Turtle is one of the largest, oldest species and one of the most interesting. They have the widest distribution because of the great distances they swim, but where do leatherback sea turtles live? With such a huge range of places […]

Can All Turtles Swim? What You May Not Expect

There are approximately 356 different species of turtle. They can be found over every continent except Antarctica, and live in both salt and freshwater environments. A group of turtles is amongst the oddest of animal group names, known as a ‘bale of turtles’, but can all turtles swim. In this article, we are going to […]

Why Are Leatherback Sea Turtles Endangered? How yYou Can Prevent Endangerment

Unfortunately there are many reasons why leatherback sea turtles are endangered. Through this article we will delve into all the factors which surround this tragic topic. We will look into threats such as Pollution, Fisheries, Loss of Habitat and many more factors which you may not have even considered. So why are leatherback sea turtles […]

How Long Have Leatherback Sea Turtles Roamed Our Planet? The Ancient Species

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all turtle species, and is also one of the largest reptiles on this planet. This amazing reptile specie can range in sizes from 4ft up to 8ft in length. They can grow to sizes which makes the average human look small. They can also weight anywhere between […]

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