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Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Held? How Often, Step By Step And The Signs

Guinea Pigs are amazing, loving animals and pets. So it’s no wonder you may be wondering, do guinea pigs like to be held? Every family likes the idea of having pets ,specially if you have young children. And whilst this is a great idea, you should be considering which pet will best suit your household. […]

How To Tell If A Guinea Pig Is Pregnant – What To Look Out For

If you think your guinea pig is pregnant, then it may be the to visit a veterinarian, but is there a way you can tell if your guinea pig may be pregnant? There are some signs on, how to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant, and these are visible sign which you should be […]

When Is A Guinea Pig Too Old To Breed? – Specifics, Sexual Maturity & Time Scales

When breeding guinea pigs, there may be a few questions which you should definitely know the answer to before you start. Seeing as your guinea pigs health should be a top priority, it’s no wonder you’re probably thinking ‘When is a guinea pig too old to breed’. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the […]

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples – Prepping, Amounts & Alternatives

Are you trying to think of some additional foods for your guinea pig which will help to provide a healthy, staple diet. Well you may be wondering, can guinea pigs eat apples? After all they are a healthy option of food for is humans, so surely they are for guinea pigs too. (Please scroll down […]

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep – From Sleeping Factors To Noise Levels

Does your guinea pig seem to be awake all the time. Or maybe they seem to be sleeping more than they usually would. So it’s no wonder you need to know the answer to, how long do guinea pigs sleep. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘Other related articles you […]

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