Ball Pythons

Are Ball Pythons Dangerous? – Must Know’s

Are you thinking about buying a pet snake and want to which is best for you. Many people all over the world are scared of snakes, and it’s no wonder they have such a bad reputation for being dangerous. When ever snakes are documented or featured in films it’s rarely because of their cuteness. Usually […]

Do Ball Pythons Burrow? – Hiding, Scared Or Sick

Wild ball pythons do not commonly burrow as they have no need too. However captive or pet ball pythons have been known to burrow through their substrate. Snakes usually do this to mimic their behaviours in the wild. However this is something that only captive ball pythons are seen to do.  (Please scroll down to […]

Do Ball Pythons Like Sand? – Why Sand Is Bad For Your Snake

Sand is considered a serious health and safety risk to any snake. So no, ball pythons do not like sand. Silica sand and common play sand can cause irritation to a ball pythons eyes, sales and nasal passages. Sand can cause a disease to the lungs called Silicosis.  This disease develops after repeated exposure to […]

Why Do Ball Pythons Hiss? – Aggressive Or Playful

If you have ever wondered, why do ball pythons hiss? There is actually more to this action than first thought. Ball pythons hiss by inhaling a large amount of air before exhaling it with force. Within a ball pythons throat, it has something called a “glottis”. This is part of the larynx that contains vocal […]

Why Do Ball Pythons Yawn? – Natural Behaviours And Reasons Why

You may be thinking, why do ball pythons yawn? That seems a bit strange. Well, maybe not. Yawning is completely normal behaviour for ball pythons. You will commonly see this after your ball python has eaten. In order to swallow their prey whole a ball python has to twist and stretch its mouth into may […]

Do Ball Pythons Like To Climb? – Fun, Playful & Inquisitive

Do ball pythons like to climb, and what does this mean exactly? Generally, ball pythons tlike to stay on ground level. They seek comfort submerging themselves under leafs, rocks and fallen trees. However, they are known to be semi-arboreal. A semi-arboreal animal is any species that spends half their time in trees, and half their […]

Do Ball Pythons Like Water? – Swimming, Bathing & Shedding

Yes ball pythons do like water. In fact, water plays a huge part in a ball pythons life. More so than humans. They mainly like to soak in shallow water whilst bathing. This is because it softens their skin which really helps with their shedding process and the removal of any unwanted mites. This is […]

Do Ball Pythons Need UVB? Needed Or Not

Do ball pythons need UVB is a very commonly asked question we hear, which still hasn’t been fully scientifically proven. There are many debates whether ball pythons need UVB to survive. UVB isn’t actually needed for a ball python to survive. The lack of UVB will not have any effect on its life expectancy. However, […]

What Can A Ball Python Eat? – Meats, Treats & Avoidances

There are a number of foods which a ball python can eat. There are also many that a ball python will not eat. Below are some common questions that have been answered in correlation to this question. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘Other related articles you might like’, once […]

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