Bearded Dragons

Pinworm In Bearded Dragons – What Exactly Is Pinworm

Pinworm in bearded dragons is very common, but what exactly is pinworm? Through this article we will dive into the signs, symptoms and treatment for pinworm. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘Other related articles you might like’, once you are done reading). So what exactly are Pinworms? Pinworms are […]

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep – Sleeping Patterns And More

So how long do bearded dragons sleep. Lets find out… In most cases your bearded dragon will sleep for between 8-12 hours per night, with most beardies sleeping around 10 hours. Most beardie owners like to turn the lights on and off at specific times to encourage a good sleeping pattern and replicate a natural […]

Do Bearded Dragons Carry Diseases – Everything You Need To Know

Do bearded dragons carry diseases. Bearded dragons are thought to be the best pet lizard, and we would agree. They’re a hardy species of lizard which are both friendly and full of character, which is exactly what you want from a pet reptile. Being the most popular lizard for reptile owners, it’s no wonder questions […]

Do Bearded Dragons Have A Third Eye?

Where do we start with this one. You’re probably thinking we have gone completely crazy by writing this article. We’ve all seen a bearded dragon before, whether this is in person or pictures and videos. Even if not, then you mostly probably know that reptiles usually have only two eyes (unless born with a deformity). […]

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas? – Advantages & Disadvantages

Bananas are one of the easiest fruits to get your hands on. They are sold in pretty much every corner shop or convenience store. But can bearded dragons eat bananas. As discussed in some of the other articles, we know that bearded dragons do like some fruits, and they are a key part in their […]

Bearded Dragon Death Signs – And How These Can Be Avoided

You may have noticed some changes in your bearded dragons activity levels. Maybe they have become lethargic and unresponsive. Sometimes this can simply be your bearded dragon entering its brumation stage, which is a natural cycle for bearded dragons. But sometime it can be much more than a natural cycle. Possibly your bearded dragon has […]

Can Bearded Dragons Get High? – Realism vs Reality

Well, here’s a question I never thought I would never be answering, but yet again these marvellous questions keep coming in. Im taking this questions as people wondering if if bearded dragons are actually capable of getting high. Not the fact that they want to try get their pet high. Many people are unsure whether […]

How To Tell If A Bearded Dragon Is Happy? – And Ways To Improve Their Wellbeing

Bearded dragons are often really relaxed, docile reptiles. They often enjoy spending their days basking or exploring, and are commonly very antisocial with one another. Because of this, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether they are genuinely happy or not. Through this article we’ll help you find out how to tell if a […]

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live For?

How long do bearded dragons live for? Well Bearded Dragons, commonly know as “Beardies” typically live for about 10-15 years depending on many factors. They have been know to even live longer in some cases. We will discuss the many factors that affect lifespan in more detail as we go through this article. (Please scroll […]

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Cuddle? – Love & Trust

The level of affection a bearded dragon has differs for every reptile. Some may seem to have a lot of love to give, whilst others lack in any sort of affection what so ever. But do bearded dragons like to cuddle. That is the question we really want to know the answer to.  (Please scroll […]

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