Do Bearded Dragons Like Music? – The Positive Effects

This may not be a common question you would first think of in relation to bearded dragons. Im sure there are many other questions rather than, do bearded dragons like music. However there are some interesting findings from this question which I will take you through in this article.

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There are many people who like to play their bearded dragons music and have seen many benefits from doing so. It’s believed that music can help a bearded dragons with stress, depression and sleeping patterns. Calming acoustic music for bearded dragons is thought to be best as the vibrations are slower and less aggressive the other music.


Naturally bearded dragons do enjoy exploring new surroundings. Pet bearded dragons do not always get the opportunity to do this often, which can sometimes cause depression and stress. When a bearded dragons is stressed, they sometimes show this through a change in colour of their skin. Or more specifically, stress markings. These stress markings are usually dark lines which run along the under belly of a bearded dragon. 

In many cases, playing soft music to a bearded dragon will reduce the marking to almost non existent with in 30 minutes. Acoustic guitar music is thought to be the best stress release for a bearded dragon as the vibrations are soothing to their ear drums. Many people believe that bearded dragons like this type of music as it creates some urgency in their curiosity. People have stated their bearded dragons become more active after playing soft music to them for roughly 15 – 30 minutes.

This also have positive results of feeding. When stress bearded dragons will commonly stop eating. They are stubborn eaters at the best if times, but when stressed its almost impossible to get them to eat. Like I said, music is thought to de-stress a bearded dragon and make them become more active. Becoming more active, and exerting more energy will no doubt give your bearded dragon an appetite again. Let them out their enclosure to explore new surroundings in your home. They also enjoy the warmth of human touch and will commonly just sit on parts of your body very comfortably 


Very similar to the stress techniques bearded dragons can over come depression with music. As I have highlighted before, bearded dragons become more active with certain types of soothing music. And its this activeness which causes a lack of depression. Listening to music with your bearded dragons is one way to bond with your pet and reduce depression.

It’s still unsure whether the reduce in depression is due to the music, or simply the fact that you are spending more time with your pet. But we like to believe it’s a bit of both. When music is playing you want your bearded dragon to feel completely safe and calm. This can be done through regular interaction. 

What you want to achieve by this, is the feeling of security your bearded dragon will get from music when ever it is playing. Even when you are not round, you want your bearded dragon to feel safe and secure, with no stress or worries. 

There may be some days where you simply do not have the time to give your bearded dragon the attention you desire. So a good substitute for this is to play them music. Just like you may leave a radio or tv on for your cat or dog. Music will have a similar impact on your bearded dragon. The soft vibration are thought to keep your bearded dragon in a calmer state for longer periods of time.

Sleeping Patterns

In some countries, during the summer months, day light hours exceed the recommended daily day light hours for a bearded dragon. Although this may not have any real impact on their health or well being, it may have an affect on their sleeping patterns and liveliness. 

Just like humans, when a bearded dragon does not get enough sleep they become grouchy. They become a little sluggish and lack any enthusiasm. And through the summer months this can sometimes occur simply due to the longer day light hours. The brumation process usually happens throughout the older months of winter, so during the summer should be your bearded dragons liveliest time of the year.

Some people believe and suggest that calming acoustic music will trick your bearded dragon into a tranquil state of mind. Many bearded dragon owners believe music helps their bearded dragon sleep, and at the correct time. 

The theory is that the sound of the music almost works as an alarm clock. Just in the complete opposite way to what we know. The calming music is believed to trigger nerves in the brain which tell the reptile that it’s time to start winding down for the day. Even if there is still some day light hours left, the bearded dragon will know it’s time to get some rest.

All three Combined

There are some serious consequences that can occur from all three of these factors, which may have a worrying impact on your bearded dragons health.

Stress, Depression and Lack of Sleep all bring a worry of loss of appetite. Yes a bearded dragons can actually go a long time without needing to eat. But this should only ever be when it wants to. For example, throughout the brumation period. Your bearded dragon should never really have any loss of appetite throughout the summer months, unless it is ill, or pregnant. 

These three factors can all also contribute to respiratory infections through malnourishment via bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Bearded dragons affected with infections may be seen to sneeze, or have discharge dripping from their nose, and irregular breathing patterns.  


Unfortunately none of these have actually been scientifically proven, however there are many forum chats that suggest the benefits of playing music to your bearded dragon. Many people believe these three factors above can all be minimised by playing the correct kind of music your bearded dragons likes.

For this to work, I would suggest keeping away from any loud, heavy music. The calmer the music the easier on the ear. It could be as simple as that. Zen music is thought to help some people relax their state of mind to one that is completely tranquil, with no other thoughts inside the brain apart from calmness. 

It’s been a method used for other animals around the world also, so it’s no wonder people may believe this can be transferred over to bearded dragons and other reptile alike. From our research I there is no reason why this wouldn’t work. Some may have an opposing opinion and that’s fine, it may not be for everyone. But I would recommend giving it a go anyway as there’s no harm in trying. Plus, who doesn’t want a less stressed beardie.

So, do bearded dragons like music? Yes, I would say so.

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Do Bearded Dragons Like Music? – The Positive Effects

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