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The level of affection a bearded dragon has differs for every reptile. Some may seem to have a lot of love to give, whilst others lack in any sort of affection what so ever. But do bearded dragons like to cuddle. That is the question we really want to know the answer to. 

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Human Interaction

Just like a cat or dog, a cuddle isn’t an act which is seen as a close comparison to a human hug. But rather a snuggle. Cats and dogs will nestle in close to their human companion. They seek comfort and safety in the close interaction. So although the physical act of a cuddle isn’t shown, the same rules apply.

Bearded dragons like to be at the top of the climbing apparatus, and most of the time, the climbing apparatus is you. They also like to be on a flat level, so any incline or decline will leave them uncomfortable. This is why, when you are laying down, bearded dragons commonly choose to sit on your chest. It’s flat, level and big enough to support its whole body weight comfortably. 

In comparison to when you are standing, bearded dragons will tend to climb. They will climb up your arm, your back, your chest, absolutely anywhere to get to a levelled part of your body. In this instance, it’s most common for your bearded dragon to sit nicely on your shoulder. 

Now, you may think that this is going a little off topic for, do bearded dragons like to cuddle, but you have to remember that bearded dragons don’t show emotions in the same way other animals do. Usually any living being which is bigger than a bearded dragons is seen as a treat to them. So the fact that your bearded dragon has accepted you and will happily use you as a climbing frame is great progress. 

Whether they are sitting on your chest or shoulder, the interaction is definitely some form of emotional connection. Bearded dragons will let you stroke them, and particularly enjoy a gentle scratch behind the ear.

There are a few signs which you can look out for which may suggest that your bearded dragon is enjoying the cuddle.

1. Relaxed in your presence

Bearded dragons will take some time to be fully relaxed with you. Human interaction is not natural for them. In the wild they would see a human as a threat, simply due to our size. However this can be worked on, specially with the help of food. Feeding a bearded dragon is the easiest way to get them to accept you as no threat.

2. Being still, with no sharp movements

When you first start to handle your bearded dragon, you will commonly see they are always being very cautious. Looking round, climbing all over you. Almost seeming very uneasy, but this is natural. Over time this will stop as they get used to your interaction, and they will eventually start to enjoy the time they spend with you. Just like any other pet.

3. Shutting their eyes as you stroke them

This is the best sign to look out for when handling your bearded dragon. Bearded dragon close their eyes when they are at complete rest. You will most likely see this when they are basking under the heat lamp. This isn’t because they are tired, but simply because they are relaxed and full of enjoyment. This is completely the same when you are handling and stroking them. Closed eyes means they are completely relaxed around you.

4. Snuggling in close to feel the warmth of your body heat

Finding the best spot to keep warm. Bearded dragons will usually find the warmest spot on your body to nestle in too. This is likely to be your skin, and not your clothing. Your body heat is what your bearded dragon is in search for, so commonly they will lay across your arm when you’re laid down, or on your shoulder, close to your neck, when you’re standing up.

5. Willingly climbing onto your hand when being handled

Seeing your bearded dragon approach the window of its enclosure when you enter the room is a sign of contempt. It is most likely to do with the fact they see you as their feeder, and a meal could be coming. However if you open the enclosure, and they willingly climb onto your hand, this is a clear sign of acceptance.

Interactions With Other Bearded Dragons

Many bearded dragon owners like to house a couple of bearded dragons together in the same enclosure. Which although isn’t recommended, it can also be absolutely fine if monitored closely for any aggression towards each other. One act which is seen commonly for bearded dragons when houses together is cuddling. Not face to face, the humans do, but rather laying on top of one another.

Although this may seem really cute, and makes a great photo of your collection, the act of laying on top of one another is actually a sign of dominance. When houses together bearded dragons will naturally form a hierarchy of dominance. Which ever bearded dragon seems to be the most dominant (usually the male, or the biggest female) will show its dominance by laying on top of the other, claiming the highest spot in the enclosure.

So although this may seem affectionate and cute, it’s actually something you as an owner will need to keep a close eye on. This kind of act is where dominance starts. It can soon evolve very quickly into bullying, for the best basking spots, hiding spots, and first to feed. Once the dominance hierarchy has been found, bearded dragons can become very aggressive towards one another, which can cause stress and some serious health problems including loss of appetite and even death in the most serious cases.


So there we have it. Do bearded dragons like to cuddle? Yeah, we’d say so. The more relaxed a bearded dragons feels in your presence, the more likely they are to cuddle in close to you. This is an act of acceptance, so this may take some time.

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Do Bearded Dragons Like To Cuddle? – Love & Trust

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