How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live For?

How long do bearded dragons live for? Well Bearded Dragons, commonly know as “Beardies” typically live for about 10-15 years depending on many factors. They have been know to even live longer in some cases. We will discuss the many factors that affect lifespan in more detail as we go through this article.

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A well balanced and healthy diet will ensure that your beardie will have the best possible chance of a long and healthy life.


As always your reptile’s environment is of paramount importance for health. Your beardy will need the correct substrate, heating and of course lighting. If your bearded dragon is missing any of these it could drastically decrease it’s potential life span.

Kept in captivity

With your bearded dragon being able to live free from predators it will have a much higher chance that it will grow into old age.

Not breeding females

If you happen to have a female bearded dragon then making sure that she does not have a chance to breed will greatly extend her natural life span.

Safe environment

Bearded dragons face many dangers in the wild. Your beardy in captivity will have a much better chance to stay free from any injuries that it might otherwise have got living in the wild.

If it’s a male

Male bearded dragons tend to live longer than their female counterparts.

Size of the beardy

As a general rule the larger size that your bearded dragon will grow to the longer that it will live.

Large tank

The bigger your bearded dragon’s tank, the better. This will give your beardy plenty of space to exercise in and lead to a healthier life for your beardy.

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How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live For?

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