Will A Corn Snake Eat Reptilinks? – An Alternative To Live Foods

Will a corn snake eat Reptilinks. This is a question that is widely debated throughout the reptile world. With people being all for it, and some completely condemning it. 

Well the answer (whether you think it’s right or not) is YES.

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Corn snakes are actually one of the Reptilinks’ success stories. Studies have shown that corn snakes do actually take to Reptilink sausages very well. Which is great for all you corn snake lovers which don’t like the idea of feeding or even keeping dead rodents in your freezer.

In this day and age, people are becoming more put off by the idea of feeding rodents and chicks to their snakes. We know that hard core snake lovers will only feed their snakes rodent prey. Which is great, as this is the most natural food for a corn snake. But there is now an alternative.

Corn snakes are brilliant pets, and studies have shown that they do not actually need to eat rodents to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They can actually eat commercial food and be perfectly happy and healthy.

So what are Reptilinks?

Reptilinks are alternative foods for retiles and snakes. More and more people are becoming reluctant in feeding their pets prey, either dead or alive. So Reptilinks has the solution.

In very simple terms, Reptilinks sausages are an alternative whole-prey food. Guinea fowl, chicken, rabbit, quail and frog are all ground and made into sausages. The sausages come in all various sizes depending on the size of your snake of course. Reptilinks contain everything that your corn snake will need to sustain a healthy living style. They actually contain more calories and nutrients than feeder rodents do, so feeding may become a little more spread apart. This could save you some money in the long run also.

The raw, whole-prey blend is held together with a 100% natural collagen casing, made from beef portend and gelatin. The casings contain no sodium nitrite and are extremely low in sodium. The casings are hand tied so the contents stays intact during the feeding process. These can be frozen and will need to put fully thawed before feeding to your corn snake. Its recommended that Reptilinks are frozen for no longer than 3 months, and refrigerated for no longer than 1 week before use.


Like any new food, a corn snake will be cautious. However if the food is scented correctly, then your corn snake will have no problem feeding on it. Sometimes you will have to play around with your feeding and scenting techniques, to find out what works best for your corn snake. 

Below is a chart which I have source from the Reptilinks website, which links the size of the Reptilink sausage, to the equivalent weight of rodent your corn snake may eat.

We hope this has answered the question of “Will a corn snake eat reptilinks?”. We’ll see you on the next page.

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Will A Corn Snake Eat Reptilinks? – An Alternative To Live Foods

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