Are Corn Snakes Constrictors? – Hunting Mechanisms

Are corn snakes constrictors?

Are corn snakes constrictors you ask. They are indeed. Being a non venomous species, corn snakes method for killing their prey is indeed constriction. First of all, they bite their prey to get a firm grip. Corn snakes teeth are angled backwards, (like a wood saw) so when they bite their prey, it’s almost impossible for it to wriggle free.

Once the prey is firmly in the corn snakes grip, it will quickly begin to wrap itself around the prey with their muscular body. The corn snake will coil itself around the prey, tightening its muscles, squeezing its prey. This will cause the prey to suffocate and die.

Now the hard bit is over, the corn snake will unwrap itself from the prey. Eying up its size, the snake will begin their feast. Slowing their prey whole.

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Is it likely for a corn snake too constrict a human?

If you are wondering if there is any chance a corn snake can constrict a human, then the answer is no. Snakes will only attempt to eat prey that is smaller than them. Humans are far too big for a corn snake to digest, therefore they wont even attempt to constrict a human.  Even a 6 ft corn snake would attempt this. Even if they did, it still isn’t strong enough to constrict a human with its slender body. You could quite easily unwrap yourself from its grip. 

Unlike a bulky 16 ft python, weighing 150 pound. You may struggle to get out of that one.

The relaxed nature of a corn snake makes its one for he most common snakes to be kept as pets. It rarely even bites. Hence being given the title of “beginner snake”. Corn snake rarely bite humans, let alone, constrict and kill them. So you will be completely fine with a corn snake as a pet. 

A corn snake constricting yourself, a friend or a family member is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Are Corn Snakes Constrictors? – Hunting Mechanisms

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