Are Corn Snakes Dangerous? – Should You Be Afraid

Just how dangerous is a corn snake?

Are corn snakes dangerous? Corn snakes have a very docile nature, and have a real reluctance to bite or even attack, specially other bigger animals. Corn snakes will only bite it they feel threatened or someone times hungry. If your corn snake seems to be a little aggressive, maybe you are doing something that makes them feel threatened. Or maybe forgotten to feed them in a couple of days. Take this as a warning to find out why, and change, to make your corn snake much more comfortable it in enclosure.

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Corn snakes are one of the safest species of snake to own as a pet as they are non venomous and very calm. So are corn snakes dangerous, no. They like interaction with humans a couple of times a week, but never for too long as they loose body heat very easily if the surrounding temperature in lower than they core body temperature. Keep an eye on the vivarium temperature with a reliable thermometer.

Corn snakes are usually quite good with other pets also which are bigger than themselves. Cats and dogs won’t become food for your corn snake. However if you can keep them apart then it is recommended as this keep them is a much calmer state. Another pet, sat in view of a corn snake can can feel threatening, and this can anger a corn snake, so you don’t want this.

Are corn snakes poisonous?

Should you be afraid if bitten by a corn snake… Well no. Corn snakes are not poisonous, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about, specially when thinking about owning one as a pet. Maybe the occasional bite, but even this is very rare. These species are known to be very calm and docile species, making them a great pet but with adults and children. 

They are however commonly mistaken for the venomous, Copperhead, and is often killed in as a result of being misidentified. This is caused they have very similar colours and patterns, and even similar shaped heads. Corn snakes are actually constrictors, therefore there is absolutely no need need for venom to kill their prey like some other snakes do. 

A bite from a corn snake will feel no more than a pin prick. You may get a few little blood spots, but these will be minimal on the skin as corn snakes teeth barely pierce human skin. Our skin is simply too tough, and their bite not hard enough to cause any real damage. A little bit of disinfectant cream will be all you need to treat a corn snake bite. The shock of having a snake bite you for the first time is more likely to give you a rush of adrenaline, rather than the pains itself. You soon learn that corn snake bites are nothing to be afraid of.

Are corn snake venomous?

Are corn snake venomous. No. Not at all. Similar to other non-venomous snakes, corn snakes have brought 20-30 teeth. Usually there are twice as many teeth on the top of the mouths then there are on the bottom part of their jaw. Commonly with four rows at the top and two rows at the bottom.

Commonly mistaken for the Copperhead snake, which is a venomous species, however you have nothing to worry about with corn snakes. Corn snakes like to actually kill their prey, and they won’t let it get away easily by constricting their prey. Venomous snakes are quite sneaky, staying hidden and only attack when prey gets too close, with one instant strike. Then they wait for the venom to take affect and then go out to find where their prey dropped. Corn snakes however constrict. They grab onto their prey and don’t let go. They wrap themselves around their next meal and suffocate, and only release once they’re dead. 

Sounds scary right, but humans are far too big for corn snakes to eat. Small rodents and sometimes birds are about as big as they go. So even your small pets will be in no danger.

So are corn snakes dangerous… No. Corn snakes are no threat to your health or wellbeing.

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Are Corn Snakes Dangerous? – Should You Be Afraid
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