Zilla Reptile Terrarium Glass Cleaner

First up we have the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Glass Cleaner. You may not believe it, but terrarium glass is one of the main areas which holds some of the most bacteria. This glass cleaning product is 100% safe for your reptile, and contains no harmful toxins. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t have this product.

The Zilla Reptile Terrarium Glass Cleaner can even be used on furniture too. You can use this product to clean food and water bowls, hides, climbing apparatus, vines and rocks.

About this item;

  • Effective glass cleaning for a clearer view of your beloved pet
  • 100% Safe, non-toxic deodorizer
  • Quick and easy to use on glass, acrylic or any shiny, non-absorbant surface
  • Anti-static ingredient repels dust which helps control dust buildup
  • Natural formula containing no toxins, fumes or residues

Fluker’s Super Scrub Organic Reptile Habitat Cleaner

Next up we have the Fluker’s Super Scrub Organic Reptile Habitat Cleaner. Fluker’s Super Scrub with Organic Cleaner makes cleaning your pet’s environment safe and easy. The brush will enable you to scrub the tank and accessories while the organic cleaner naturally dissolves the dirt and grime. This product contains natural enzymes to help keep cages, branches, hot rocks, plastic vines and bowls clean and fresh as well as deoderizes terrariums.

About this item;

  • Organic reptile habitat cleaner cleans and sanitizes your reptile’s home and cage accessories
  • Fluker’s Super Scrub with Organic Cleaner makes cleaning your pet’s environment safe and easy
  • All Natural Enzymes
  • 16 ounces

KATUMO Reptile Plants, Amphibian Hanging Plants With Suction Cup

Now we have the KATUMO Reptile Plants, Amphibian Hanging Plants with Suction Cup. These plastic terrarium plants, designed to replicate a nature environment for your pets to hide and perch. Lifelike and vivid, provide a vibrant and colorful habitat, make your pets feel a sense of being in the wild home. Suit for Reptiles, Arthropods, Arachnids, Bearded-Dragons, Crabs, Hermit-Crabs, Fish, Frogs, Geckos, Iguanas, Lizards, Newts, Salamanders, Snakes, Spiders, Tortoises, Turtles, Ball Python, Corn Snake.

About this item;

  • Made from non-toxic plastic
  • Non edible and durable
  • Non fading colour
  • Easily rinsed and cleaned

Cold Life Easy to Clean Sifting Litter Scoop Shovel

Here we have the Cold Life Easy to Clean Sifting Litter Scoop Shovel. Keep your reptiles clean and happy! The Cold Life sifting scoop is a cleverly designed nylon-based scoop with an angled head and wedge body that easily gets into corners and collects waste. Terrariums will be simple to clean and when the scoop gets too dirty, just hand clean and dry.

About this item;

  • The Cold Life sifting scoop from Royal pet is a nylon-based scoop designed to easily remove waste from your reptile’s terrarium
  • Angled head and wedge design easily gets to the corners
  • Keep your reptiles clean and happy by tidying up their home with a few passes with this scoop
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 10″ X 3.25″ X 2″

Zoo Med Labs Angled Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs, 10

The best snake feeding tongs around are the 10 Inch Zoo Med Labs Angled Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs. The angled tip makes feeding you reptile a lot easier. They’re ideal for feeding snakes and other reptiles which make show some aggression when hungry. The soft tips ensures your reptiles safety when feeding, illuminating the chance of damage for pain to its mouth with it strikes.

Mesh Reptile Heater Lamp Guard

Next on the list we have the Mesh Reptile Heater Lamp Guard. The anti-scald lamp mesh cover is made of high quality iron material with efficient heat dissipation, sturdy and durable, not easily broken. Reptile Heating Protecting Shade can be used to hold bulb which height is below 6 inch/16cm. Fit for various heating lamps, such as day lights, night lights, reptile lamps, heating lamp, ceramic light bulb, spotlight, etc.

Zilla Vertical Décor for Reptiles

The Zilla Vertical Décor for Reptiles will be a great addition to your terrarium. Providing decor for arboreal species can often be challenging because of their need to be off the ground and the limited space in the terrarium. The ZILLA vertical décor uses strong suction cups that allow These realistic décor pieces to stick to terrarium walls higher up where your gecko or snake feels more safe.

About this item;

  • Attaches to the glass with a powerful Suction Cup
  • Incredible natural look
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a Black window cling to provide security to the animal

Zoo Med Reptile Electrolytes Soak (16OZ)

Zoo Med’s Reptile Electrolyte Soak supplies electrolytes, B vitamins, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, a prebiotic, and probiotics for your pet reptile. It’s great for use with newly acquired reptiles, and reptiles which have suffered illnesses.

About this item;

  • Electrolytes help regulate proper hydration and cellular function.
  • Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) aids in color pigmentation.
  • B vitamins help the body with proper metabolism.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is also important for skin/immune health.
  • Prebiotics are important fuel sources for beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics.

Strawberry Banana Flavored Repta Calcium

Strawberry Banana Flavored Repta Calcium supplement provides the calcium your reptile needs for strong, healthy bones and vital body functions. Calcium with added Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium for your pet. Added banana and strawberry is perfect for picky pets that do not like the taste of plain calcium!

About this item:

  • Made with Real Bananas and Strawberries
  • Calcium Supplement Provides a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Reptile
  • Vitamin D3 Aids in the Absorption of Calcium
  • Perfect for Picky Pets
  • Made in the USA

REPTI ZOO UVB Tester Reptile Lamp UV Sensor Reptile UVA UVB Fluorescent Lamp Tester Card, Set of 2

The REPTI ZOO UVB Tester Reptile Lamp tester card is great to use for UV fluorescent lamp and mercury vapor bulb. Quick and easy to use. Not a precision instrument, but can give you advice when to replace the bulb.

  • UVB tester reptile card measures the intensity of the UVB & UVA rays of UV fluorescent lamp.
  • Card changes colors from White to Purple based on the UVB & UVA ray strength.
  • 2PCS Durable plastic card, credit card size, 3.4 inch x 2.1 inch comes in a sleeve.
  • New High Tech, Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly detection matrial that is printed on the card to measure the UVB/UVA rays of UVB lamps.
  • Can be used over and over again up to 500 times. Great handout.

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