What To Do With Dead Bearded Dragons? – A Proper Send Off

Unfortunately we have to face the realisation that at some point in time of beloved bearded dragons will eventually die. Hopefully of natural causes. But when this happens it my take you by surprise, and you may even think “What to do with dead bearded dragons”. Well there are a couple of things you can chose to do with a dead bearded dragon. Which ever you seem fit or comfortable with.

These are; Bury it, Request a cremation, Take it to the vet for a necropsy, or take it back to the breeder.

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Burying Your Dead Bearded Dragon

What to do with dead bearded dragons you ask. Burying your bearded dragon is the most common method of disposal. Whether it’s cats, dogs, lizards, snakes or turtles, burial is the preferred method for many pet owners and one which will stand the test of time. When burying your bearded dragon there are a few things you will need to consider. 

First of all you will need to consider the location of burial. You will need to find a spot which is unlikely to be disturbed for a couple of years, which will give the body time to decompose naturally. 

Secondly you will need to consider if you have any pets (Or any other animal for that matter) that are likely to dig it up. If so, you will need to dig an appropriately sized hole, big enough to mask any scent your dragon may still have. The last thing you want is for your dragons to be dug up in your garden.

Third of all, you will need to need to consider if you are putting the bearded dragon in a box for burial. If so then you will have to buy a fully decomposable box which has no toxins to the environment. Some materials will take hundred of years to decompose and over time let off harmful toxins into the surrounding earth. This will have knock on, harmful affects to surrounding plantations and life sources.

Finally you will need to consider if you are burying the bearded dragon in a legal location. This mainly relates to owner who live in apartments and building blocks which do not have privately owned gardens. You will need to check with local authorities if it’s okay to disposed of the body in the location you have chosen. They may suggest other locations if they feel the location you have chosen isn’t suitable.

Requesting a Cremation For Your Bearded Dragon

Pet cremations are becoming more and more popular across the globe as many people feel it should not primarily just be for cats and dogs. And we think that is just great news. Why shouldn’t we say our final farewells in the same manor we would other pets.

Researching “Reptile cremations and memorial services” will give you a list of all the services which can be chosen. It will also give you information about your nearest reptile crematorium, which are beginning to pop up more regularly across cities all around the world. 

You will most likely be asked to chose from two options. These are, individual cremation or communal cremation. 

Individual cremations ensure that your bearded dragon is cremated singularly, in a clean, private chamber. This guarantees that the ashes you receive will only be ashes from your beloved pet. This choice makes the experience far more personal to you and for your bearded dragon.

Communal cremations are available where your bearded dragon will be cremated with a small group of other reptiles and the ashes are either stored in a memorial centre, or they are scattered within the crematorium grounds. Many people chose this as they like the thought of “togetherness”, being alongside other loved reptiles on their last journey.

Take Your Dead Bearded Dragon To The Vet For a Necropsy

If you are unsure of why your bearded dragon has died and you want to find out a little more about its death, you can request for a necropsy from your vet. A necropsy is a surgical procedure which opens up the bearded dragons internal organs to find a possible cause of death. 

This is becoming more popular with bearded dragon enthusiasts as this procedure helps the research into bearded dragons deaths. There many be new information found about its death that can reduce further bearded dragon fatalities with the same symptoms.

Necropsy’s are not commonly easy on your wallet, and can however be a little expensive. One down side is that there’s no guarantee the surgeons will find any information regarding the cause of death.

Take Your Dead Bearded Dragon Back To The Breeder or Seller – (If found dead within a couple of weeks of purchase) 

Taking your bearded dragon back to its breeder or seller can sometimes be a little awkward. However if you are sure the reason of death is not due to any actions you have taken, and feel the little dragon had underlying health issues when you purchased it, then you can always speak with your breeder/seller and ask if you can return it.

Most of the time the breeder or seller will either be completely understanding, or the complete opposite. If you purchased your bearded dragon from a reputable breeder or selling, the likeliness is much higher that they will offer a refund, or a choice of new bearded dragon. At the very least they may understand your frustration and offer you a discount on the next purchase. (After all, they may not have known about the health issues themselves, there’s really no way of telling either).

However sometimes breeders and sellers will say it’s “just the way it is sometimes”. And although this is true in some instances, it’s not what you want to hear from someone you thought you could trust. If anything, this shows their lack of care, which will undoubtably be replicated in their breeding/keeping abilities.


Well there you have it. Our take on what to do with dead bearded dragons. Hopefully this has helped any unanswered questions you have on this topic. We also send our condolences if you have recently lost a pet bearded dragon.

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What To Do With Dead Bearded Dragons? – A Proper Send Off

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